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Apple Mighty Mouse Sucks

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Apple’s minimalistic, aesthetic-focused product design philosophy seems to work very successfully in nearly every product they produce, bar one glaring exception; The Apple Mighty Mouse. For some reason, this product is, frankly, an ergonomic nightmare. Oddly, it seems to be shaped like some sort of alien pod from the future/space, not formed subtly to the natural flow of the human hand like you’d expect from a direct input device. This means that not only is it difficult to use (I sometimes find myself contorting my hand in wrist-tingling ways just to complete certain tasks as a part of my daily routine web-browsing and designing) but even more annoyingly, the pitifully tiny and strangely shaped scroll ball just stopped working for me a couple of weeks after purchase.

At first it wouldn’t scroll down, then upwards motions stopped registering and finally it just completely stopped responding. Upon checking the Apple support forums I discovered a huge number of folks with similar issues, and none with a working solution (at least, for me).

Mighty Mouse

So, being completely fed up and ready to hurl this little smooth white hunk of useless shiny plastic through the wall, I ran out to a computer store and picked up the Logitech MX Revolution, having read such positive reviews for the thing by some respected bloggers (namely Glenn Wolsey).

MX Revolution

And wow, what a difference! I honestly can’t believe I’ve been using anything else over the past years. This mouse feels absolutely comfortable to hold, and has more features than ever imaginable. I’ve now set it up to have complete control over my iTunes, I can increase/decrease volume, skip forwards and backwards between tracks, play and pause the current track and even hit the “quick search” button to bring up CoverSutra‘s awesome input box to skip to specific tracks by typing in keywords.

This is the best mouse I’ve ever held in my hand, and is in stark contrast with Apple’s rounded thing. If you’re considering a new mouse, then be sure to read more about the MX Revolution, and by god, think twice before grabbing the Mighty Mouse.

38 Responses to “Apple Mighty Mouse Sucks”

  1. Gamma says:

    Happy I am not alone… I have Apple Industrial Design in very high regards but it really strikes me how can they ship this “Mighty Mouse”. Citing an addendum to wikipedia article I made:

    “Depending on mouse tracking speed settings one may find the dragging function difficult to deal with on limited area (wrist range) surfaces. A user may find difficulty in raising the mouse from the surface, as soon as required to, while pressing a button in order to position the mouse at the opposite end of the mouse pad in order to proceed with the movement. This issue is ever more relevant along higher screen resolutions and/or dual-head set-ups. While mouse tracking speed is directly related with on-screen pixel precision, this setting is mostly used to deal with big screen areas affecting adversely the former. Three factors seam to intervene here: mouse weight, mouse grip and button pressure strength (may soften out with usage). A simple workaround is not to use mouse pads and keep a reasonable clear area for the mouse.”

    Where’s the ergonomics here??

  2. Gamma says:

    I think this Mighty Mouse may just have been designed by some tablet user who never meant to use the actual thing really. Maybe it could just be a marketing method, side a product with a terrible one in order to make the first one look/feel better. I don’t complain… a normal digit grip mouse on its way to side with the wonderful apple keyboard.

  3. Jon says:

    I’ve bought at least 3 mighty mice now and each one has stopped working. In all cases, the scroll ball on it has stopped working. It is the worse mouse ever. I agree with the author, I have Logitech mice now and they are very designed and there are many different models to suit different hand sizes and preferences.

  4. Andrew says:

    I have had MX mice since they hit the market. I have loved all the features at my finger tips. But I would not recommend. One is now “dead” because it will not recharge at all (died after ~2 years) and the other is now struggling to charge. Seems that the built in rechargeable batteries have ~2 to 3 year life if heavily use. Unfortunately, the batteries can not be replaced.

  5. jim says:

    Yep, it’s a piece of shit, alright. Just destroyed my 2nd one in frustration. Will try the Logitech suggested.

  6. Matteo says:

    I’m glad hearing you saying the same thing I think bout Apple Mouse! I just wrote a mail to the Apple feedback to ask for a rethinking about it. The “funniest” thing is that I spent money to buy the wirless one and after few days I came back to my Microsoft! mouse, to comfortable!

    Apple Mouse is to flat, scroll button inconsistent and maybe right for a hand of a kid!

  7. Dave says:

    I went through two mighty mouses. Both of the right clicking mechanisms stopped working and the mouse wheel was inresponsive. Now i use my awesome $10 logitech mouse, much much better! 😀

  8. larry says:

    I too hate the mm, i use the least expensive wireless logitech mouse ,love it

  9. dale223223 says:

    I bought an M500 non-wireless for my home computer and it is great. It fits my hand so there is no contortion needed to use unlike the mighty mouse for toddlers.

    I realized how bad the mighty mouse I use at work is now that I have a good Logitech mouse.

    Time for another Logitech…

  10. Nathar Leichoz says:

    My biggest gripe with it is that I can’t right-click without lifting my left finger off the surface. Usually I rest both fingers on a mouse lightly and press which ever finger I want. But with the left finger permanently resting on the surface seems to confuse it and prevent me from right clicking.

  11. DeadMouse says:

    Screw Mice altogether. They should stop making them altogether. Its old technology that needs to fade. My last mouse was logitech and it went dead on me quick. Not to mention my back&shoulder pain. I use a touch pad and I will never go back to using a mouse. they all suck.

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  13. Club Penguin says:

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