Airthings Wave Mini: Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor with Mold-Risk Indication For Sale

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Airthings Wave Mini: Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor with Mold-Risk Indication:

Airthings Wave Mini: Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor with Mold-Risk Indication Details We spend 90% of our time indoors where the air is often 2 to 5x worse than the air outside. Airthings Wave Mini is small in size but big in impact. With four indoor air quality sensors, including mold risk indication to proactively prevent against mold, Wave Mini is a necessity in every home. Easily track mold-risk, humidity, temperature, airborne chemicals (VOCs), and live & local pollen levels in your area with this battery operated, wireless air quality monitor. Keep your family healthy, your home and valuables safe from mold damage with Wave Mini, because when you see mold, it's too late.- Continuously monitors for harmful mold-risk, humidity & temperature, airborne chemicals (VOCs) and tracks live & local outdoor pollen levelsMold Risk – Mold risk indication helps prevent mold in your home to minimize negative health impacts; 42% of asthma sufferers found mold to be a trigger.Humidity & Temp - Low humidity increases flu and respiratory illness while high humidity causes mold and dust mites, affecting asthma and allergy. Indoor temperature varies from room to room, can affect performance, mood, comfort levels and sleep.Volatile Organic Chemicals – Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are airborne chemicals and odors emitted from everyday items in our homes such furniture, waxes, cleaners and solvents. They can cause short- or long-term health effects ranging from minor eye, nose and throat irritations to liver and kidney damage. Pollen Levels - Pollen is the male fertilizing agent of flowering plants, trees, grass, and weeds.While our environment needs pollen, pollen triggers allergies and there is a 54% increased chance of asthma attacks when exposed to pollen.- Prevent mold before it starts by using your Wave Mini as a mold-risk indicator- 21% of the 21.8 million cases of asthma are annually attributable to residential dampness and mold- Avoid mold growth and decrease the spread of infectious diseases by maintaining healthy indoor humidity levels- View live and local pollen levels in the Airthings app and optimize your air quality indoors. Know when to ventilate, purify your air, or close your windows to avoid asthma attacks, sneezing, runny nose, puffy eyes, sore throat, or hay fever.- Ideal for any room up to 1,000 square feet; Bedrooms, bathrooms, baby rooms, home offices etc.- Battery operated; (3) AA batteries included - No hardwiring required- Tracks 48 hour, weekly, monthly, and yearly averages providing you with peace of mind- Access data thru the free Airthings mobile app or web dashboard- Connects to iOS and Android devices via Bluetooth- Works with Google Assistant and IFTTT- Compatible with Airthings Hub for accessing your indoor air quality data from anywhere, anytime
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