Computer Monitor Shelf for Speakers, Flat Panel Shelf for Electronic Accessories For Sale

Computer Monitor Shelf for Speakers, Flat Panel Shelf for Electronic Accessories
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Computer Monitor Shelf for Speakers, Flat Panel Shelf for Electronic Accessories:

  • SHELF FOR FLAT SCREEN TV: This shelf is perfect for flat screen televisions and computer monitors. Simply adjust the legs to the desired angle, attach it to your desired device, and place the lip directly over the top. Once you have your platform set up where you want it, it creates the perfect space for speakers, a desk plant, a streaming device, or other small items.
  • VERSATILE, ADJUSTABLE SHELF: This versatile shelf is 360-degree adjustable, making it work for just about anything you can think of. This shelf can bear a load of up to 10 lbs. of weight, so even though it is small, it will hold everything you need. We also designed the surface of this shelf with non-slip plastic circles to prevent items from falling and to absorb speaker vibration.
  • SPEAKER OR NANNY CAM MOUNT: These discreet shelves are perfect for mounting your nanny or baby cam. Place it somewhere it won't naturally catch the eye and you’ll have the perfect place for a surveillance camera. This shelf will help give you the peace of mind you need knowing your baby is sleeping safe and sound.
  • CREATES SPACE/DECLUTTERS: If your office space tends to feel cluttered or disorganized, add this shelf to your wide computer monitor and you’ll see a huge difference. By placing extraneous or highly used items on this shelf, they will be out of your way and you'll have easier access to them. Place any small decor items or desk accessories you desire on this convenient shelf.
  • CLASSIC LOOK: These black shelves have a sleek design that will go with just about any decor. Because the shelves are thin, they are incredibly discreet; so much so that you might even forget they are there. This shelf works well as a small standing speaker mount, streaming device holder, or knickknack display.

Product Description

This over-the-monitor shelf is just the thing you need to get your desk or entertainment center organized. It’s perfect above a flat screen TV for holding your streaming device, small DVD player, or a small stack of DVDs. Use this versatile black shelf for just about anything you can think of, including decorative framed pictures, water bottles, and cute knickknacks.

You can even use it around the house to hold your nanny or baby cams in order to surveil the babysitter and make sure your little one is safe. Most mounting shelves are complicated and require meticulous installation, whereas this shelf simply fits securely onto the lip and is supported in place by the adjustable legs. No drill, complicated hardware, or tools are required to put it up, making it easy for anyone to use.

Each self is equipped with small circles that lightly grip the objects you place on it to help keep them from falling off. If you use this shelf to hold your monitor or small upright speakers, this shelf will help absorb the vibration when music is playing. These shelves are the perfect solution to your cluttered desk or workspace.

They are sure to free up space where you need it while still keeping the things you need easy access to out in the open.

No matter how your office space or family TV room is decorated, this weight-bearing shelf is sure to fit because it has a simple design that goes with about anything.

In fact, this shelf offers so much convenience and is so thin and unobtrusive that you may even forget that it’s there.

Use this shelf for all your small item display and storage needs.

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