Sony PVM-14N5U CRT Monitor RGB For Sale

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Sony PVM-14N5U CRT Monitor RGB:

Great PVM for retro gaming. Unit has heavy wear and cracked corner plastic. Some plastic buttons missing, but the electronic tactile switches can still be pressed and work normally. The screen also has some discoloration that I have been able to fix using magnets, but later it reverts back. Possibly it could be resolved with a degaussing wand, or something to do with the degauss coil in the display? Please look at all of the pictures to completely understand the condition of the unit. This model can also be modded into a PVM-14N6U to receive RGB input if you have a use for that. Instructions: As for shipping, I understand how fragile CRTs can be and will follow the shipping methodology laid out by reputable folks like RetroTech. This means a double walled box and sufficient packing material on all side. Also screen facing down.
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