Verbatim Store 'n' Go V3 Flash Drive, 49176,16GB, USB 3.0, Blue, TAA 49176 For Sale

Verbatim Store 'n' Go V3 Flash Drive, 49176,16GB, USB 3.0, Blue, TAA 49176

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Verbatim Store 'n' Go V3 Flash Drive, 49176,16GB, USB 3.0, Blue, TAA 49176:

Before reviewing the product specifications below and making a purchase, please take the time to read our current terms and conditions.By purchasing, buyer agrees to the following Mingle-99's (Seller) terms and conditions:Terms and Conditions:
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  • Delivery of the item: Buyer is responsible for ensuring that the carrier delivering the item has access to a safe and secure location to buyer's premises.
  • Claim of item not delivered by buyer: After shipping the purchased order, in the event buyer claims that the item listed has not been delivered even though it shows as "Delivered" within the carriers tracking system, buyer agrees to resolve this situation with Mingle-99 in the following manner:
    • Mingle-99 will open a case with the carrier to track and find the package
    • In the event the carrier confirms that the item has been delivered to the buyer, Mingle-99 will escalate to so that can mediate between the buyer and Mingle-99 for an appropriate resolution
  • Return of item: In the event buyer decides to return the listed item for a full refund after purchase, buyer agrees to return the purchased item within the prescribed window as indicated in this listing. All returned items need to be returned in original packaging with all original contents
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  • Cancellation of purchase: We, at Mingle99, understand that purchases can happen by mistake, or buyers can change their mind after making a purchase. Buyer acknowledges and agrees to cancelling a purchase in the following manner:
    • In the event buyer decides to cancel a purchase within 6 hours after the purchase, buyer can request for cancellation for an immediate refund
    • After 6 hours, Mingle-99 will not be able to cancel a purchase for an immediate refund. Buyer must wait for the item to be delivered after which buyer can request for the item to be returned through the tool for a full refund. Buyer agrees and commits to not opening the item, or breaking any seal on the item during the return period
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Verbatim Store 'n' Go V3 Flash Drive, 49176, 16GB, USB 3.0, Blue, TAA 16GB, USB 3.0, Blue, TAA
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