Vintage IBM 5251 Beam Spring Keyboard For Sale

Vintage IBM 5251 Beam Spring Keyboard

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Vintage IBM 5251 Beam Spring Keyboard:

Vintage IBM Beam Spring Keyboard.
This is an original IBM 5251 Beam Spring keyboard part#: 7362149 and was produced in 1981 for connection to an IBM Terminal. This sale is for the keyboard only. Keyboard was recently disassembled and meticulously cleaned. Every effort was made to keep the keyboard as original as possible, so paint is original. All parts are original. All springs pop. All keys are original and in BEAUTIFUL shape. No keys are worn and all keycap print is pristine. There is some light rust on the inside of the case as illustrated in the photos. Keyboard is untested as I do not have any way to test it. Definitely worthy as a show piece!
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