Vintage JBL 4312 Monitor Speakers Near Mint For Sale

Vintage JBL 4312 Monitor Speakers Near Mint

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Vintage JBL 4312 Monitor Speakers Near Mint:

After I finished sprucing up these 4312’s, I really, really want to keep them!! This close to throwing ‘em in the stash…till I saw all my other speakers! I decided I really should let someone else enjoy these beautiful speakers!!

The JBL Monitor Series is legendary in the vintage audio marketplace! They tend to have a more “flat” response…some call it “accurate”…that type of accuracy is needed when engineers are mixing the songs you end up hearing on a album, CD…heck, even Appleplay!!

So what I’m saying is these aren’t just made for rock…their response also makes them ideal for jazz, classical, well, just about everything…’cept maybe polka!!😜😜

C’mon!! I’m from Wisconsin…I’m not a hater!!😜

These speakers are in near perfect condition!! One tweeter has a slight dimple,(grrrr), in the dust cap, which of course has no affect on the sound. The rest are perfect!! I refinished the cabinets by sanding with 120/220, and then 320 grit…from there I hand rubbed 4 coats of light walnut Danish Oil followed by 3 hand rubbed coats of Beeswax…there are a couple of lines towards the bottom on one side…it’s actually more of a stain that I just couldn’t get out. Looking at the photos, I see a faint ring is left on top. I didn’t want to get any more aggressive and in natural light it’s really hard to notice. Lastly (as the last picture points out, the previous owner ordered replacement grills from Huntley. Beautiful grills but one speaker is tight and it broke up top. Keep the break on the bottom and it’s no problem…otherwise, Huntley can get ya a new one for something like $70.00.

Shipping of course will be expensive…that being said I will pay for FedEx to professionally pack each speaker. Flat rate will be $275.00 and of course local pickup is always encouraged!!

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