Vintage JBL Model L100 Century Monitors Speakers For Sale

Vintage JBL Model L100 Century Monitors Speakers

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Vintage JBL Model L100 Century Monitors Speakers :

Vintage 1970’s JBL Century L-100 Speakers

I am the original owner of these speakers. I bought thembrand new back in the mid-late ‘70s and have had them ever since. The speaker onthe left, in the main photo, with the black and white model/serial number platewas stolen from my home in the mid 1980’s. It was recovered by the police buthad been damaged. I sent it back to the JBL factory in California where theyrefurbished it and replaced the components in the cabinet. The cabinet itselfis the original one, which is why it shows a lot more wear and tear than the onewith the orange logo. The non-original wood frames on both grill kits are both a littledamaged and some of the pieces to line them up on the speaker are missing. I endedup using some Velcro to keep them attached. Despite how these look, they stillwork fine. All of the components work and they sound fine.Obviously, the foam around the tweeters has mostly disintegrated and the domes areboth dented in. But as I said, they do still work.

I know these are in fairly rough cosmetic condition, but Ibelieve that if a person wanted to restore them, they could sell for twice asmuch as what I’m asking here. A little woodwork, some new grills, maybe newtweeters with new foam and these could be every bit as nice as they should be.

The serial numbers are: 266441 for the one with the orangelabel and original parts and 40451 for the refurbished one with the black andwhite label.

These are fairly heavy and will require some large, heavy-dutyboxes to ship in, which I have access to. That being said, shipping in the continentalUSA will be $150.00.

I realize there may be a fair number of questions aboutthese, so fire away. I’m happy to answer all of them. I also have someadditional pictures, but since there is a 12-photo limit, I couldn’t put anymore up here. Thanks a lot.

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