Transistor Diode Curve Tracer, Component Tracker Tester + Probes & BNC Cables For Sale

Transistor Diode Curve Tracer, Component Tracker Tester + Probes & BNC Cables

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Transistor Diode Curve Tracer, Component Tracker Tester + Probes & BNC Cables:

Electronic Component X-Y Tracker Circuit Tester, Add on for Your Oscilloscope!

Dual range: 7mA/2400 ohms, and 14mA/1200 ohms (with probesshorted). Open probe Peak Voltage = 22VP/16VRMS.

This is a low voltage sine I-V curve tracer for testing components on un-powered circuit boards..

Comes with one USA (120V only) wall transformer, one tracker accessory, two 16" BNC cables, one pair of24"mini hooktest probes, one 5 V zener diode, onephoto transistor, anda four page illustrated instruction set.

This is agreat setupfor quicklycheckingDiodes, Transistor Junctions, I.C. Pins, and Capacitors. Use it to check un-poweredcomponents both inand out of circuit:power supplies, amplifiers, TV, Radio, automotive electronic control units, motor controllers,HVAC boards,etc.

A low voltage/current sine wave providesthe best conditions for testingun-powered "on board" electroniccomponents.Good for observingsemiconductor characteristic failures.

Component tracescan be observed on un-powered circuit boards. On board component tracesmay show interactionswithmore than onecomponent. In circuit componenttesting is helpfulfor comparing componentsbetween a knowngood board and a defective board. First locate a discrepancy inthe defective board, andether remove the suspected device, or temporarily un-solder some of the device leads and re-check.

Damaged PN junctionstest "GOOD" or "BAD"on a multi-meter. Many sophisticated digital component testers often show erroneous results. However my testershowsactual conduction details using a sine wave test bridge!

This is a great all-round tester for transistors, rectifiers, resistors, speakers, coils, crossover capacitors, making cables, testing heatsink insulators, and easily finding your way through complexelectrical arrangments.I have usedthis tester to evaluate CMOS power transistors in car audio power amplifiers.

My device will work with most analogoscilloscopes. It's width control makes itpossible to use with simple single traceoscilloscopes having only a horizontal input, aswell as dual trace scopes that lack horizontal attenuation in X/Y types, including USBoscilloscope computer pluginsdo not have an external horizontal input, or X/Y mode capability.You will need to have a basic oscilloscope and connect to the Horizontal "X" and the Vertical "Y" to your scope. Setting your oscilloscope tostationary dotis about as complicated as it will get.

Mytestersare basic, and cost lessthanmost commercial trackers available. There arenow over a thousandofmy component testers on work-stations and production lines,in operationtoday.A must have for starter / alternator shops, electric vehicle maintenance, CNC control boards, and consumer electronics as well. Digital oscilloscopes are not recommended for this tester. You will benefit most using a basic analog oscilloscope.

This model ishoused in a3-7/8 x2-3/8 x1 inch ABS plasticcase.


Please see my other sale fora Deluxe 3 range tester!

I am available via messaging for technical support, orsearch AF5FV.


Mike AF5FV, Oklahoma CityUSA

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