Turn It Up

Motion Graphics piece created in 2007. Click to play. You can embed YouTube, or any other video/flash objects right into Sharpfolio posts.

10 Responses to “Turn It Up”

  1. Hi, I don’t know if this bug’s been spotted yet but when you play the video and while it’s playing and click on an image to enlarge the video plays over the image. Definitely some type of z-index setting issue that should be easy to fix. Just giving you a heads up, excellent wordpress theme by the way.


  2. Nice template. Now, if I could only get my avatar to show :-) .. let’s get those TARP funds to work!

  3. ictor:

    Hola, esta es una prueba! saludos!

  4. ASDAS:

    q bonis

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  6. 压顶无可奈何花落去

  7. This is a greate design,. I will pay for this.

  8. cxzc:


  9. Max Muster:

    Ein TEst. Das LAyout würde mich interessieren. Sie gut aus. Test test test

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