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20 BOOKS ON VACUUM TUBES(6L6GB,EL84,EL34,6V6GT,Tube amp,Radio)(PDF):

20 Books on vacuum tube circuits or subjects related to vacuum tube circuits.PDF format on CD.List of books below 1.Amplifier Builders Guide, Hugo Gernsback, 1947, 64 pages From the editors of Radiocraft, this practical guide concentrates on the design and construction of audio amplifiers. Two parts: the first on amplifier theory and design, the second giving six practical designs to build. Talks about phase splitters, response, and tone controls, things not addressed in most textbooks 2.Audels Radiomans Guide, Edwin P. Anderson, 1945, 880 pages An odd book, about 4-1/2" x 6-1/2" and a whopping 880 pages, "covering theory, construction, and servicing including television electronics". It covers everything from sounds waves through basic electronics, PA systems (including a little info on a WE theatre amp), transmitters, car and aircraft radio, troubleshooting - you name it, it's in here. Not a college text, this looks like it could be a handbook for the radio technician or advanced hobbyist of the 1940's. Lots of good vintage info! 3.Basic Radio - The Essentials of Electron tubes and their Circuits, J. Barton Hoag, 1942, 379 pages Another college-level electronics text, this one is "designed for the student with only a limited background in physics and mathematics". Covers the basics of AC and DC circuits and radio propagation, then vacuum tubes and circuits that use them. Has some information not found on other texts, like high-frequency and microwave radio, transmission line theory, and DC amplifiers. Another good text! 4.Basic Theory and Applications of Electron Tubes, Departments of the Army and Air Force, 1952, 215 pages This is an excellent, relatively modern (1952) text on vacuum tubes. Very practical, not too much math, and it has some very nice illustrations. Very specific to tubes, discusses how they work, how they're built, and circuits 5.Coyne Electrical and Radio Trouble Shooting Manual, Coyne Electrical School, 1946, 612 pages This funky old book is far from an engineering text - rather, it's a bible for the Mr. Fixit of the 1940's. Light on theory with lots of diagrams, covers electrical wiring, AC and DC motors and generators, refrigeration, automotive electricity, and radio troubleshooting and repair. Not particularly well formatted or printed, it's a lot of thrown-together info. This is not a great book for tube design, but could be useful for the old radio diagrams, or if you have a 1940's Ford V8 with ignition problems.... The best part to me is the electrical dictionary at the end 6.Electron-Tube Circuits, Samuel Seely, 1950, 530 pages Another college-level textbook on vacuum tubes. Covers tube theory, tuned and un-tuned amplifiers, oscillators, and power supplies. Some nice details about tube-based voltage regulator circuits, and sections on electronic computing circuits, relaxation oscillators and sweep circuits you won't find in the other texts. 7.Electronic Amplifier Circuits, Joseph Petit and Malcolm McWhorter, 1961, 325 pages As you might guess from the title, this textbook is all about the theory and design of amplifiers. While mostly containing tube circuits it does include some information on those new-fangled transistor things. Plenty if math in this one, it concentrates on wide band (e.g., video) amplifiers 8.Electronic Circuits and Tubes, Cruft Laboratory at Harvard University, 1947, 994 pages - Courtesy of Jim McConville This is one of the most comprehensive texts in the collection. According to the forward, the book was developed from the lecture notes of a special wartime electronics training course. A reasonably mathematical treatment of basic circuit theory, vacuum tubes, and practical circuits 9.Electronic Transformers and Circuits, Reuben Lee, 1955, 349 pages - Courtesy of John Atwood This book is a "reference on the design of transformers and electronic apparatus". It covers the design of power transformers, chokes, and signal (audio) transformers. It also talks a bit about circuitry, as it relates to transformers. Enough theory to understand what's going on, as well as practical info on how to construct transformers. 10.Engineering Electronics, George Happell and Wilfred Hesselberth, 1953, 508 pages - Courtesy of Earles McCaul This is a newer college text, covering vacuum tubes, circuit analysis, and some practical amplifier design considerations. More practical than some texts, it even includes some tube curves for popular tubes of the day 11.Getting the Most Out of Vacuum Tubes, Robert Tomer, 1960, 164 pages - Courtesy of John Atwood A Howard Sams Photofact publication, this book addresses the "Types and causes of failures, what to expect from tubes, testing methods, and all about tube maintenance programs". Quite interesting, this book covers material I've not seen comprehensively discussed elsewhere, like failure mechanisms, what makes a "premium" tube special, etc 12.High-Fidelity Circuit Design, Norman Crowhurst and George Cooper, 1957, 296 pages - Courtesy of John Atwood The title pretty much says it all here.. this is a practical guide to the design of audio circuits 13.Inside the Vacuum Tube, John F, Rider, 1945, 407 pages- Courtesy of Earles McCaul One of my new favorites - this is a fabulous book on how tubes work and how to design tube circuits. this is NOT a college text; rather this is written more at the level of an advanced technician, with not so much math and lots of diagrams that make visualizing what's going on easy. It even has some 3-D drawings - you'll need anaglyph (red/blue) 3-D glasses to view them 14.Principles of Electron Tubes, Herbert Reich, 1941, 398 pages Essentially an abridged version of Reich's "Theory and Applications of Electron Tubes" (below), this is a college-level text on vacuum tubes. It doesn't have so much math in it to be hard to understand; though it presents plenty of equations, it also shows graphical solutions that the DIY'er could use. One of the best books I know of to learn enough about how tubes really work to be able to design with them 15.The Radio Handbook, William Orr (editor), 15th edition 1959, 810 (!) pages This is sort of an ARRL handbook on steroids. Very complete, covering basic theory though practical construction of mostly ham radio equipment, though much applies to any vintage electronic project. Has some transistor and semiconductor info but 90% vacuum tube, even a circuit for a tube-based VHF walke-talkie! There are even sections on "high-fidelity techniques" and "electronic computers"! Even includes a math section and info on how to set up your workshop (I like the "workshop-in-a-closet"!) 16.Radio Receiver Design (Part 1), K. R. Sturley, 1945, 435 pages - Courtesy of John Atwood This UK publication gives a thorough treatment of the design of valve-based radio receivers. Part 1 covers valve basics, and the RF side of a receiver: from the antenna through the detector. 17.Radio Receiver Design (Part 2), K. R. Sturley, 1945, 435 pages - Courtesy of John Atwood A continuation of the above, this volume covers audio-frequency amplifiers, frequency modulation, and television 18.Radiotron Designer's Handbook, Third Edition, P. Langford Smith, 1941, 352 pages The quintessential vacuum tube design handbook,. This is the older, and smaller, third edition... at least I didn't have to pay $150 for a book to cut up and scan! Covers all the essential of tube electronics design, including the basics, tube theory, load lines, amplifier design, etc 19.Reference Data For Radio Engineers, Federal Telephone and Radio, 1946, 335 pages This great book is, well, a reference book for engineers! It contains tons of useful data on vacuum-tube circuits, components, power supplies, acoustics, waveforms, radio propagation, and lots of other things. Also includes a lot of mathematical info and tables - even a graphical way to do an FFT! The way we did it before the days of PSpice and silicon... 20.Theory and Applications of Electron tubes, Herbert Reich, 2nd edition 1941, 716 pages If there's one book that will bust my website's bandwidth limits, this may be it. 716 pages of vacuum tube theory, this may be THE best book about vacuum tubes. Detailed, complete with plenty of math and drawings. Covers how tubes work and how to design circuits around them, with chapters on class A/AB1 and AB2/B amplifier design, power supplies, and more 60 day guarantee
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