Ultra-Compact Monitor Headphone Amplifier Amp with XLR Microphone Input R7C8 For Sale

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Ultra-Compact Monitor Headphone Amplifier Amp with XLR Microphone Input R7C8:

Features: Ultra-compact monitor headphone amplifier, lightweight and portable. XLR MIC INPUT for sending a microphone signal to the amplifier; XLR MIC THRU for routing the microphone signal from the amplifier to a mixer. 6.35mm MONITOR INPUT to send a signal from a mixer or Hi-Fi unit to the amplifier. 6.35mm & 3.5mm PHONES outputs to connect headphones to the amplifier. With GND LIFT button for maintaining a ground connection to the mixer, which can electrostatic charges from interfering with your audio signals. Supports adjusting the of the microphone signal and the of the mixer or Hi-Fi unit signal; with MONO/ STEREO switch. Specifications: --Mic Input Type: XLR connector Impedance: approx. 2kΩ(balanced) Max. Input Level: -18dBu CMRR: typically 40dB, >50dB at 1kHz Gain: 40dB Bandwidth: 15Hz to 25kHz --Mic Thru Type: XLR connector --Monitor Input Type: 6.35mm TRS/ connector Gain: 10dB Bandwidth: 10Hz to 80kHz --Phones Output Type: 6.35mm & 3.5mm TRS connector Impedance: min. 30Ω Max. Output Level: approx. +10dBu(60mW) at 100Ω load --System Specifications THD: 0.005% typ.(100Ω loading) Signal-to-Noise Ratio: -90dBu at 0dBu, A-weighted : external , /150mA Item Size: 10.5 * 5.7 * 3cm/ 4.1 * 2.2 * 1.2in Item Weight: 195g/ 6.9oz Package Size: 14.5 * 14 * 10cm/ 5.7 * 5.5 * 3.9in Package Weight: 357g/ 12.6oz Package List: I5653US 1 * Amplifier 1 * Adapter 1 * Users Manual(English)
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