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HUGE 465 Popular Electronics Magazine Collection (465 PDF Magazines on DVD):

NEW REVISED LOWER PRICE! ULTIMATE Popular Electronics Magazines Collection (PDFs on DVD) 465 Popular Electronics Magazines on DVD for your reference. Why buy one ebook at 7-15$ on when you can have 465 pdf magazines with FREE shipping around the world? SIMPLY THE BEST OFFER ON ! All the magazines in this DVD are complete and in PDF files (Adobe Reader XI). The files are not compressed to save on DVD cost! You will see all the files as you open it in your PC or Mac computer! All the magazines files are listed by titles and date, so very easy to find. Save lot of shelf space!!! Kept those magazines on your computer ! Remember, you will receive a DVD with 465 Complete Popular Electronics Magazines in PDF files.. not actuals books! A TRUE "MUST HAVE"!!! FREE SHIPPING ALL OVER THE WORLD! Note: Shipping time is about 2-5 weeks in average all around the world by regular air postal service. All files are in PDF Adobe Reader XI version (that can be easily downloaded free on the web). Digital download is also available as secure download link (4.2GB), in this case no DVD will be shipped. Just send a message about this fast delivery option when you will buy. I take pride in presenting each pages of each manuals in the best quality possible, but remember that some scan can be little hard to read since the magazines are very old and hard to find! List of ebooks included in the DVD: Popular Electronics Magazines (465 Issues):1954: Oct-Nov-Dec 1955: Jan-Sep-Oct-Nov-Dec1990: Jan-Fev-Mar renamed as Poptronics All those Ebooks are from public domain and available free on the web and have no copyright infringentThe price is not for the ebooks themselves that are FREE but is for the labor cost involved in transferring them to disc, the re-sale price of the blank disc used to make the recording, and Paypal listing fees, the labor and shipping cost involve, therefore permissible under the "Fair Use" exemption clause of the current U.S. Copyright Act.
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