JBL 2213 JBL4311 JBL 4312 D123 USA Recone NEW AGGREGATE L100 12" FOAM OR CLOTH For Sale

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JBL 2213 JBL4311 JBL 4312 D123 USA Recone NEW AGGREGATE L100 12" FOAM OR CLOTH:

***SEE MY OTHER LISTINGS and - MAKE OFFERS!!!**** NEW VERSION IMPROVED WITH AGGREGATES! AMERICAN MADE!!! ****YOUR CHOICE OF HALF ROLL FOAM SURROUND OR CLOTH SURROUND****PRICE IS PER SINGLE CONE, SURROUND AND DUST CAP..((((( I HAVE MANY OTHER AQUAPLAX CONE STYLES AND SIZES AS WELL- JUST ASK!!!))))))) ..... If you have ever tried to find the textured "AQUAPLAX" WHITE cone assemblies for the JBL woofers, you'll find that those are IMPOSSIBLE to find, and you have to settle for either cheap Wald., after market, black bay junk, replacement , or Chinport garbage , which are only dyed white, the INCORRECT cone style, incorrect cone SHAPE , are too light which ruins enclosure tuning (loss of bass response) don't have the ribs, and do not have the coating which is what makes these speakers what they are. Every now and then, there are dingy tan or yellow 2213 cones posted, that have a nice lead-in sales pitch, only to tell you later in the description that "they adhere as closely as possible" to the white coating .... saying 'genuine replacement' is like saying genuine cubic zirconia... That's still not "factory", and they cost 5 times as much.Not to mention tolerances that are too wide to mention.With these, you get what you see- WHITE cones. ** WE NAILED THOSE DETAILS and START WITH A REAL OEM JBL CONE, and then apply our back engineered coatings and REAL AGGREGATES with dampeners to yield the product you see...... Replacement parts sound replacement- JBL parts sound JBL!!!..... Impossible to find........ *** UNTIL NOW!!!*****,.....First, these are the cones for the 12" woofers, with a 3" diameter voice coil..These work for the L100, and MANY of the same style model JBL woofers, so they'll fit quite a few models... Secondly, I will provide you with YOUR CHOICE of either an accordion profile/textile cloth surround, or either a poly foam-rubber half roll surround..... And- don't forget I mentioned I'll toss in a dust cap as well........... The dimensions are: *Made for a - - 12" O.D. woofer*I.D.- - 3.010" (+/- 1.0%)*Cone material- - Pulp *Weight > = 60grams (+/- 1.0%)*Cone profile- - Curve-Linear/ Fully ribbed body!*Surface- - White "AQUAPLAX" textured dampener/stiffener coating*Depth- ~- - Approximately 1.675" or 1 5/8" (+/- 1%)*Coolness factor since they're white "AQUAPLAX"- -- 100%!!! Again guys, just so that you completely know what all you are getting, each offer you will receive a WHITE AQUAPLAX cone assembly, a single dust cap, and your choice of EITHER the poly foam rubber/ half roll surround, or the accordion cloth style..........I can pre-assemble if needed.... *Since it is ultimately up to the customer to determine compatibility and I provide all information and dimensions prior to purchase , all loudspeaker components are non- refundable/ non-returnable... BUT-....But, if you should happen to have questions along the process- JUST ASK< and I will do my best to help you out!!.... So, if you've been looking for the WHITE AQUAPLAX style woofer parts, then here ya' go!!! ANY questions or concerns- just ask.. --THANKS GUYS!!!-----Jason/PMR
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