KIT Nixie Tube Clock IN-12 DIY [RGB USB Musical] Sockets Tubes Acrylic Stand For Sale

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KIT Nixie Tube Clock IN-12 DIY [RGB USB Musical] Sockets Tubes Acrylic Stand:

DIY KIT for IN-12 Nixie Tubes Clock Electronics parts Nixie Tubes Acrylic Stand UPS Express delivery is highly recommended Economy Shipping very slow and unreliable Project designed for 6 IN-12 Nixie tubes [hours : minutes : seconds]. For that clock You will need one MCU boards NCM107 and one Tubes board NCT412. PCB design, schematic, housing and software made by GRA & AFCH Kit includes MCU (microcontroller unit) ATmega328p flashed with Arduino Uno Bootloader and sketch (Firmware). Kit is compatible with Arduino Uno, so it allows you to write your own unique programs on the Arduino platform, the latest sources are always available on github at the "NixeClock" repository. Listing contains:MCU NCM109 Control Board bare PCBNCT412 Tubes Board bare PCBSet of Parts and Components (electronic, mechanical)IN-12 Nixie Tubes - 6 pcsNE2H Neons (for Dots) - 4 pcsClear Acrylic Stand (included, free of charge) BOM Lists for PCBs (MCU NCM109, NCT412)Principal Electrical Schemes for PCBs (MCU NCM109, NCT412)User Manual on Vintage-style paper The base listing does NOT contain Power Supply We are selling Power supply: Our Benefits: A special Socket for each pin of IN-12 – easy to change Tubes.Easy to customize firmware under Your own needs, thanks to an open platform – Arduino.Fast uploading via USB.The latest version of the firmware always available on GitHub.No need to download drivers – we are use only Genuine USB to serial converters (FTDI FT230).Drivers for them pre-installed in all popular OS: Windows, MacOS, Linux.Human friendly menu.Very high qualty of Printed Circuit Boards.Japan alluminium capacitors.Power-On Self-Test.Competent Technical support. Dear customers!If you have ANY questions, (PLEASE ASK us). Software Features: Clock support many kinds of Nixie tubes (6 tubes [hh:mm:ss] format and 4 tubes [hh:mm]). How to make a clock on 4 tubes? You need to cut the board, see the video below. 12/24 hour format. Slote Machine (Ani poisoning) Date format: DD:MM:YY Unique RGB LEDs backlight with 16,7 millions colors. Very easy to switch LEDS off/on. As alarm sound clock uses standard RTTTL (Nokia format) melodies, so You can easy change it. (included songs: mission impossible, we wish you). Easy updating firmware via USB using Arduino IDE. Software based on Arduino sketch, so MCU has Arduino bootloader within. Power On Self Test (POST): LEDs test, tubes test, input voltage test, sound test. Hardware Features: Integrated High Voltage Power supply 150 – 220V. ICSP connector for flashing Arduino Bootloader to blank MCU. 3 PWM channels for RGB LEDs 8 bit per channel = 24bit = 16,7 millions colors. It can be disabled in the menu (see manual). Test points for testing, adjust and control low and high voltage circuits. Pads for internal buttons and terminals for external buttons. Pads for internal USB connector and terminals for external USB. Terminals for internal and external power connector. Terminals for external and internal buzzer. 2 dots column with separate controls upper and lower dots. Power consumption: 11-14V, 360mA (Recommended power source: voltage 12V, current 1-2A). MCU board NCM107 has world smallest size: 100mmx50mm. Tubes board NCT412 size: 180mmx50mm. We offer Acrylic Stand for DIY KIT: Actual photos of KIT: With Tubes MCU NCM109 bare board (top)MCU NCM109 bare board (bottom) Assembled MCU board top side chart Assembled MCU board bottom side chart Bare tubes board NCT412 (top) Bare tubes board NCT412 (bottom) NCM109 board assembling process (part 1/2) Cutting the Nixie Clock board, get 4 Nixie Tubes tube from 6 tubes Boards Dimensions in 2D and 3D MCU board NCM109 PCB Top viewMCU board NCM109 PCB Bottom Tubes board NCT412 in 3D Dimensions of NCM109 in 2D Dimensions of NCT412 Example of assembled boards (not included) MCU Assembled PCB Top sideMCU Assembled PCB Bottom side Example of assembled Nixie tubes clock on IN-12 tubes User Manual Dear customers!If you have ANY questions, PLEASE ASK us Shipping and Return information All Items are shipped from UkraineVia International registered AirmailShipments are made within 1 business dayAfter the payments are received and verifiedIt takes about 4-7 days via UPS Express deliveryIt takes about 10-18 days via Standerd shippingIt takes about 35-45 days via Economy shippingWe combine multiple Items to save on shipping UPS Express Shipping time (recommended):Europe:3-5 daysGermany:3-5 daysUSA, Canada:4-7 daysAsia, South America:5-7 daysAustralia, New Zeland:5-7 daysAfrica, Central America:5-7 days Standard Shipping time:Europe:10-12 daysGermany:10-12 daysUSA, Canada:10-15 daysAsia, South America:10-18 daysAustralia, New Zeland:12-18 daysAfrica, Central America:12-18 days Economy Shipping time:Europe:25-30 daysGermany:25-30 daysUSA, Canada:30-35 daysAsia, South America:35-45 daysAustralia, New Zeland:45-55 daysAfrica, Central America:45-55 days Return PolicyAll Returns are acceptedFor Return you should contact Us within 14 Days after receiving the ItemRefunds are made as Money back or Replacements (buyer’s choice)Return Shaipments are paid by the buyerNo restocking fees are charged
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