MICBOOTH-911  / Portable ISOLATION Vocal BOOTH W/ Light 78" High For Sale

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MICBOOTH-911  / Portable ISOLATION Vocal BOOTH W/ Light 78" High:

Save ..Save....Save... Money When You Purchase This Easy To Assemble Vocal Booth.. This Is A Great Stand In Vocal Booth. Especially if You Do Recording In An Apartment...In Your Garage...In Your Living Room ...In Your Bedroom...In Your Basement...Excellent for School... Professional Studios...Etc.. Without All Of The Hassle And Expense Of Building Materials And Labor...Plus The Best Part It's Portable Stand-in Vocal Booth Portable Stand-in Vocal Booth For Travel Great for Recording, Voice Over, Webcast or other Audio Applications Measures 2 ft x 2 ft and over 6 ft High This is just big enough for one person to stand in with a mike stand.. These are very effective in stripping out the room echo and reverb. It will allow you to dry out your vocals or speech recording. Eliminate that Nasty Room Echo MADE IN THE USA Everything included as shown in photo: Frame Assembly, 1 - 7lb Blanket, 3 Polyurthane Acoustic Foam, (Free Bonus) Top Overlay Acoustic Top Microphone Not included DON'T RECORD YOUR VOCALS BEHIND A VOCAL SHIELD ONLY....RECORD YOUR VOCALS IN A MIC BOOTH.... LIKE THE PROS DO "JUST PUT YOUR HEADPHONES ON AND GET IN YOUR ZONE" MICBOOTH-911 (THESE ARE CUSTOM MADE TO ORDER PLEASE ALLOW TIME TO CREATE) Due To The Overwhelming Support & Demand For The MicBooth-911 And The Pandemic.... Please Be Patient With Me As The Wait Time Is Taking A Little Longer ...But Be Sure To Know I Am Working Diligently To Get Your Booth Created & Delivered To You As Quick As Possible
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