PAIR of JBL Pioneer Solid Black Walnut Speaker Stands "ON STEROIDS" Klipsch ADS For Sale

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PAIR of JBL Pioneer Solid Black Walnut Speaker Stands "ON STEROIDS" Klipsch ADS:

e. Pair of 1 -1/8" thick Solid Black Walnut Speaker Stands with JBL LOGO ,dimensions front & back piece(width) 14 1/4" long 3- 5/8 " wide , side pieces (depth)14 1/4" long 2 -5/8" wide. These stands are 2 3/4" longer and 1" wider than similar stands being sold on and 2" longer 2"wider than the original JBL design. These are Black Walnut (the most expensive wood in North America) like the original and will be a close match to the black walnut veneer used on JBL & Pioneer HPM'S. I found the smaller stands are much more prone to tipping over especially if you have small children in your home . Elevates speaker 3 3/4" from the ground for better base and is angled so you get better sounding highs.The stands also protect the bottoms from scuff and water damage from basement flooding. My competitors only route the larger end pieces where my stands have ALL the edges routed. Walnut is sanded with 80, 120, 180 . All my joints are machined cut and they fit together nicely and sit flat and square. 2 coats of Minwax wipe on Satin polyurethane finish, 220 grit sanded then 3 coats of spray Polyurethane. These weigh 9lbs for the pair. Last picture shows difference in wood thickness from 3/4" which most of my competitors use, to mine which is 1 -1/8" All black walnut wood locally harvested in Pennsylvania forests. My competitors don't list dimensions of their stands which is obviously is very important. My stands are the widest and deepest, offering the most stability that won't tip over. I can do the large JBL logo or smaller JBL logo . I also have a PIONEER logo for those with the HPM series speakers. These were designed by JBL but can be used with any speaker. (Large JBL logo will be automatically applied unless you specify) I can make these for any brand speaker minus the logo, just send me your dimensions. I can custom make the stands in smaller dimensions or larger up to 24" wide and deep. .Additional $10- $70 for custom sizes depending on the size. NO RETURNS on custom stands. FREE SHIPPING 2-3 day priority mail shipping!! Stands shown represents what you will get but as you know walnut varies in color and wood grain. Speaker shown on top of stand is 15 1/2 " wide x 12 1/4" deep. SEE MY response, MANY HAPPY CUSTOMERS.
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