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Radio Shack - Realistic Manuals Library - Schematics * CDROM * PDF * KE3GK:

Radio Shack * Realistic Service and Instruction Manuals Library 248 Instruction/Service manuals/Schematics on CDROM in Adobe PDF Format HTX-100 (Service Manual) Includes Operating manual, schematics, wiring diagrams and modifications. HTX-10 (Service and Owners Manual) HTX-200 (Users manual) HTX-212 (Service and Users Manual) HTX-252 (Service Manual) HTX-242 (Service and Owners Mamual) HTX-202 (Service and Instruction Manuals) HTX-245 (Addendum) HTX-400 (Owners Manual)HTX-404 (Owners Manual)HTX-404 (Service Manual)HTX-420 (Owners Manual)Pro-2002 (Owners Manual)Pro-2003 (Owners Manual)Pro-2004 (Service Manual)Pro-2005 (Owners Manual) Pro-2006 (Service Manual) Pro-2006 (Owners Manual)Pro-2015 (Owners Manual) Pro-2016 (Owners Manual) Pro-2017 (Owners Manual) Pro-2018 (Owners Manual) Pro-2021 (Service Manual) Pro-2035 (Service Manual) Pro-2037 (Owners Manual)Pro-2040 (Owners Manual) Pro-2045 (Owners Manual) Pro-2048 (Owners Manual) Pro-2049 (Owners Manual) Pro-2050 (Owners Manual) Pro-2051 (Owners Manual) Pro-2052 (Owners Manual)Pro-2053 (Owners Manual) Pro-2055 (Owners Manual) Pro-2056 (Instruction Manual) Pro-2067 (Owners Manual)Pro-2096 (Owners Manuals) Pro-26 (Owners, Service and Schematics 1996)Pro-28 (Owners Manual) Pro-29 (Owners Manual)Pro-30 (Operating Manual) Pro-43 (Service and Instruction Manual) Pro-50 (Operating Manual) Pro-60 (Service Manual) Pro-63 (Owners Manual) Pro-66 (Owners Manual) Pro-70 (Owners Manual) Pro-71 (owners Manual)Pro-72 (Owners Manual) Pro-74 (Owners Manual) Pro-76 (Users Manual) Pro-79 (Users Manual) Pro-82 (Owners Manual) Pro-83 (Owners Manual) Pro-89 (Owners Manual) Pro-90 (Owners Manual) Pro-91 (Owners Manual) Pro-92 (Owners Manual) Pro-93 (Owners Manual) Pro-94 (Service and Users Manual) Pro-95 (Instructions and Quick Start)Pro-96 (Owners Manual) Pro-97 (Owners Manual) Pro-99 (Owners Manual) Pro-106/197 (Instruction Manual)Pro-135 (Instruction Manual)Pro-528 (Owners Manual)DX-100 (Service Manual) DX-150A (Owners Manual) DX-150B (Service Manual) DX-160 (Service and Owners Manual) DX-200 (Service and Owners Manual DJVU) DX-300 (Service Manual and Owners Manual)DX-302 (Service and Owners Manual) DX-394 (Service and Instruction Manuals) DX-395 (Instruction Manual) DX-397 (Owners Manual) DX-398 (Owners Manual) DX-399 (Owners Manual) DX-440 (Service Manual) TRC-232 (Owners Manual) TRC-234 (Owners Manual) TRC-236 (Owners Manual)TRC-430 (Schematic)TRC-435 (Schematic)TRC-446 (Owners Manual)TRC-451 (Schematic)TRC-453 (Schematic)TRC-457 458 (Alignment Instructions)TRC-465 (Schematic)TRC-501 (Owners Manual)TRC-521 (Owners Manual)250 Watt Stereo PA Amplifier (Owners Manual)Simplex Repeater Controller (Owners Manual)Triple Trunking Handheld Scanner (Instruction Manual)200 Channel Desktop VHF/AIR/UHF Scanner (Instruction Manual)USB Flatbed Color Scanner (Instruction Manual)LAB-400 (Service Manual)SA-2001 (Service Manual)STA-2100 (Service Manual)BTX-124 (Instruction Manual)BTX-128 (Instruction Manual)HTA-20 (Owners Manual)LCD RF Frequency Counter (Owners Manual)RS 21-541 Amplified Speaker Schematic12-240 Weatheradio with Alert (Owners Manual)12-249 7 Channel Weatheradio (Owners Manual) These are great for a Ham Radio Club library or your personal library. for Windows PC - If you use MAC or Linux let me know
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