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Ultimate Radio Modifications Bible * Secret CB * PDF * DVD * KE3GK:

The ORIGINAL Ultimate Radio Modifications Bibleincludes Secret CB Volumes 1 thru 29andCB Tuneup Manuals Volumes 1 thru 7 Master Edition in Adobe PDF format on DVD This is the ORIGINAL Ultimate Modifications Bible containing information on modifying older radios. These modifications have been performed over the years on many radios, and with the information contained in this manual you can modify them back to factory specs. You can also perform modifications on stock radios following these simple instructions contained in this manual. Table of Contents: ANTENNAS AND COAX MICROPHONES SECTION CB CRYSTAL GUIDE SECTION CB CRYSTAL CHART SECTION CB PRECALCULATED CRYSTAL GUIDE SECTION DIRECT PLL MODIFICATION GUIDE SECTION CB PRECALCULATED PLL REFERENCE OSCILLATOR MODIFICATION SECTION PLL CHIP GUIDE SECTION SLIDER MODIFICATION REFERENCE SECTION CB MODULATION BOOST SECTION BLEED FILTER MODIFICATION ALINCO MODIFICATION SECTION ALINCO DJ FIT ALINCO ALD24T ALINCO ALR22T ALINCO DJ100, DJ120 ALINCO DR110, DR112T, DR119T ALINCO DR130 ALINCO DJ160, DJ162TD, DJ460T ALINCO DJ180 ALINCO DJ500T ALINCO DR510T ALINCO DJ560 ALINCO DR57OT ALINCO DJ580T ALINCO DR590T, DR599T AZDEN MODIFICATION SECTION AZDEN PCS6000. PCS7000 COLLINS MODIFICATION SECTION COLLINS KWM DRAKE MODIFICATION SECTION DRAKE TWINS DRAKE TR4, TX HEATHKIT MODIFICATION SECTION HEATH SB1O4, HW1O1 HEATH SSB1400 ICOM MODIFICATION SECTION ICOM IC U2AT ICOM W2A/E ICOM O2AT, O4AT ICOM 2GAT, 4GAT ICOM 2SA, 2SAT, 3SAT, 4SAT ICOM U4AT ICOM 12AT ICOM 24 ICOM H16, U16 ICOM 28A/H ICOM 32AT ICOM 228A, 448 ICOM 229 ICOM 280 ICOM 449 ICOM 575 ICOM M700 ICOM 720 ICOM 725A ICOM 728 ICOM 730 ICOM 735 ICOM 740 ICOM 745 ICOM 751A ICOM 751 ICOM 761 ICOM 765 ICOM 781 ICOM 901A ICOM 970 ICOM 1200 ICOM 2400, 2500 ICOM 3210 ICOM 3220 KDK MODIFICATION SECTION KDK FM240 KDK 2033 KENWOOD MODIFICATION SECTION KENWOOD TR21A/AT KENWOOD TH2SAT KENWOOD TH26A KENWOOD TH27A KENWOOD TH75A KENWOOD TH77A KENWOOD TH215 KENWOOD TH315 KENWOOD TM221, TM421 KENWOOD TM231A. TM241, TM431, TM441 KENWOOD TM621A KENWOOD TM701A KENWOOD TM631, TM731 KENWOOD TM721 KENWOOD TM741, TM941 KENWOOD TM2530, TM2550, TM2570 KENWOOD TR751 KENWOOD TR2500 KENWOOD TR2600 KENWOOD TS14OS, TS680 KENWOOD TS5O KENWOOD TS13OS KENWOOD TS43OS KENWOOD TS44OS KENWOOD TS45OS, TS690S KENWOOD TS520 KENWOOD TS711 KENWOOD TS790A KENWOOD TS820 KENWOOD TS8305 KENWOOD TS85OS KENWOOD TS93OS KENWOOD T5940 KENWOOD TS95OSD KENWOOD TS2400 R C I MODIFICATION SECTION R C I 2900 R C I 2950, 2970 RANGER MODIFICATION SECTION RANGER AR3300, AR3500 SILTRONIX MODIFICATION SECTION SILTRONIX 1011 SWAN MODIFICATION SECTION SWAN CYGNET 35OC TEMPO ONE MODIFICATION SECTION TEMPO ONE TEMPO 2020 SERIES TEN TEC MODIFICATION SECTION TEN TEC PARAGON UNIDEN MODIFICATION SECTION UMIDEN HR2510 YAESU MODIFICATION SECTION YAESU FT ONE YAESU FT 7P YAESU FT23R, FT33R YAESU FT26, FT76 YAESU FT101, FT101B, FT101E, FT101EE, FT101EX YAESU FT102 YAESU FT209, FT709 YAESU FT211, FT311, FT711, FT2311 YAESU FT212, FT712RH YAESU FT221R YAESU FT227R YAESU FT411 YAESU FT470 YAESU FT707 YAESU FT530 YAESU FT726 YAESU FT727 YAESU FT736R YAESU FT747 YAESU FT757 YAESU FT767GX YAESU FT811 YAESU FT890 YAESU FT902D, FT902DM YAESU FT1000 YAESU FT2400H YAESU FT4700 YAESU FT5100 YAESU FT5200 SCANNER MODIFICATION SECTION REALISTIC PRO34 REALISTIC PRO46 REALISTIC PRO2003 REALISTIC PRO2004 REALISTIC PRO2005, PRO2006 REALISTIC PRO2021 REALISTIC PRO2022 BEARCAT BC200 BEARCAT BC205 BEARCAT BC700A BEARCAT BC760, BC950 BEARCAT BC760XLT, BC950XLT BEARCAT BC855XLT BEARCAT BC890XLT REGENCY R1600 LATE MODEL REGENCY R1600 REGENCY R4030 LINEAR SECTION EAGLE 500, EAGLE 200 NEW MOSQUITO PALOMAR 350Z 2 METER AMP 10, 11 METER 400 WATT AMP PALOMAR 40 AMP DC SUPPLY PALOMAR 500 LINEAR Also included is a BONUS directory with hints and kinks, modifications data, and repair tips for the following models (in alphabetical order): AEA PK232 AEA PK80 AEA PK87 AEA PK88 Alinco Alinco DJ560 Alinco DJ580 Alinco DR110 Alinco DR112 Alinco DR1200T Alinco DR130 Alinco DR410 Alinco DR600 Azden PCS4000 Azden PCS7000 Heathkit HK21 Heathkit HW24T Icom IC04AT Icom IC12AT Icom IC228 Icom IC229 Icom IC2330 Icom IC2410 Icom IC2430 Icom IC24AT Icom IC275 Icom IC28 Icom IC290 Icom IC2AT Icom IC2GAT Icom 4GAT Icom IC2KL Icom IC2SAT_001 Icom IC3200_001 Icom IC3210 Icom IC32A Icom IC32AT Icom IC471A Icom IC475 Icom IC735 Icom IC751 Icom IC761 Icom IC765 Icom IC900 Icom IC970 Icom ICR7000 Icom ICR71 Icom ICRP1210 Icom RP1510 Icom RP2210 Icom RP3010 Icom ICW21AT Icom ICW2A Kantronics KAM Kantronics KPC1 Kantronics KPC2400 Kantronics KPC2 Kantronics KPC3 Kantronics KPC4 Kantronics KPC9612 Kenwood AT930 Kenwood BS8 Kenwood DG1 Kenwood DG5 Kenwood HMC1 Kenwood MC45 Kenwood MC46 Kenwood MC55 Kenwood PS50 Kenwood R1000 Kenwood R5000 Kenwood R599A Kenwood R599D Kenwood RM76 Kenwood SMC25 Kenwood T599D Kenwood T699A Kenwood T699D Kenwood TH205 Kenwood TH215 Kenwood TH25 Kenwood TH27A Kenwood TH28A Kenwood TH45 Kenwood TH47A Kenwood TH78A Kenwood TH79 Kenwood TL922 Kenwood TM201 Kenwood TM221A Kenwood TM2550 Kenwood TM2570 Kenwood TM321 Kenwood TM401 Kenwood TM411 Kenwood TM421 Kenwood TM721A Kenwood TM732 Kenwood TM733 Kenwood TM741 Kenwood TM742 Kenwood TM941A Kenwood TM942 Kenwood TR2200A Kenwood TR2400 Kenwood TR2600A Kenwood TR7200A Kenwood TR7400A Kenwood TR751 Kenwood TR7600 Kenwood TR7625 Kenwood TR7730 Kenwood TR7800 Kenwood TR7850 Kenwood TR7930 Kenwood TR7950 Kenwood TR8300 Kenwood TR8400 Kenwood TR9000 Kenwood TR9130 Kenwood TS120 Kenwood TS140 Kenwood TS180S Kenwood TS430S Kenwood TS440S Kenwood TS520 Kenwood TS520S Kenwood TS530S Kenwood TS690S Kenwood TS700A Kenwood TS820S Kenwood TS830S Kenwood TS850S Kenwood TS930S Kenwood TS940S Kenwood TS950SD Kenwood VFO120 MFJ 1270 MFJ 1270B MFJ 1274 Motorola MAXAR Motorola MICRO Motorola MICRO Motorola MITREK Standard C500 Standard C528A Standard C5608 Uniden HR2500 Yaesu FT1000 Yaesu FT101E Yaesu FT207 Yaesu FT209 Yaesu FT211RH Yaesu FT2311 Yaesu FT23 Yaesu FT23R Yaesu FT2400 Yaesu FT2500 Yaesu FT311 Yaesu FT411 Yaesu FT470 Yaesu FT50R Yaesu FT51R Yaesu FT5200 Yaesu FT530 Yaesu FT575GX Yaesu FT7000 Yaesu FT711 Yaesu FT726001 Yaesu FT727r Yaesu FT727 Yaesu FT736 Yaesu FT747GX Yaesu FT747 Yaesu FT757 Yaesu FT767GX Yaesu FT76 Yaesu FT900 If you like electronics and radio modifications, this is great information. For Windows PC - If you use MAC or Linux let me know
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