Vintage Infinity EMIT Tweeter Repair Diaphragm Replacement • NEW Revision 1.0 For Sale

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Vintage Infinity EMIT Tweeter Repair Diaphragm Replacement • NEW Revision 1.0:

American Vintage Audio (AVA) is now offering a NEW repair diaphragm for Infinity EMIT Tweeters - Half Line Source models. See below for all infinity models this part can be used in.NEED MORE THAN ONE? Visit our Store for discounted listings of Two or more pieces? THIS sale IS FOR ONE (1) PIECE - However, we recommend changing these in pairs.Now Selling Revision 1.0 EMIT Diaphragms! Over the first 2 years we had great success, and sold 1000 of these parts saving hundreds of Vintage Infinity Speakers from the Landfill, or from being parted out. A few users provided response which I compiled and some small incremental changes, and improvements were made to the product. Mostly to the Terminals which were an off the shelf item... New custom made terminals are now mechanically identical to the original. Some small changes were also made to the Voice coil, slightly improving sensitivity, and lowering the DC resistance to be closer to the original. All revision 1.0 EMIT's will now have the P/N AVA191218.YouTube DIY Assembly video: You may need to Copy & Paste URL into your Browser.FEATURING NEW REPRODUCTION DIAPHRAGM’s (see photos).•Replace your defective diaphragm with a new part designed for equal or better performance.•See the 4 FFT curves: Two are Original EMIT Tweeters (Half Line source), vs Two original EMIT’s fitted with my NEW Repair Diaphragms. As you can see they are virtually identical. Measured in a 1 Meter anechoic chamber with a Mini-DSP UMIK-1 Calibrated Microphone and Audio Tools FFT with Pink Noise. The Plot is from 2K-20Khz at approximately 110DB. •Bringing vintage Infinity speakers back to life. Over 1300 sold to Satisfied customers!•Shipping to Domestic USA, $5.95 Flat fee includes Tracking.•International Orders Accepted: Shipping charges Include Tracking, and Insurance.•Payment through Payments.•Satisfaction Guaranteed, simply return for a full refund. *Will not warranty physically damaged from faulty installation, or "Open circuit"/Blown diaphragms due to over amplification. This is not covered in our return policy. No returns for Cosmetic Issues, all Diaphragms are tested 100% before shipping.Bio: I have 40 years in the audio Industry, serving in various technical roles (Test Engineering, Quality Control, etc), and currently restoring vintage 2.0 Stereo audio equipment; Loudspeakers, Receivers, Turntables, etc.Fits the following Infinity speakers:Infinity, Quantum Line Series: Quantum 4, Quantum 5, Qa, Qb, Qe, Quantum Jr, Q5, Q4. DOES NOT FIT QLS-1, QLS-2, QLS-3: Check our Store for Quantum EMIT's!Reference Standard B, RS B, Reference Studio Monitor, Reference Standard 1.5, Reference Standard 2.5, RS 2.5, Reference Standard 4.5, RS 4.5Reference Standard 1, RS-1, RS-1A, RS-1B, IRS Beta, IRS V, IRS Gamma, RSB, RS II, RS IIa, RS IIb, RS Jr, RS a, RS e, RS III, RS IIIa, RS IIIb, RS 4, RS-5, RS-5b, RS-6b, RS-7b, RS-8a, InfiniTesimal, Reference Series, RSInfinity Kappa, Kappa, Kappa 9, Kappa 8, Kappa 7, Kappa 6, Kappa 5,
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